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Disc Golf is one of the best possible combinations of an outdoors experience in nature, healthy competition through a sport open to all fitness levels and last but not least a lot of fun! Perfect for an individual challenge or for small or large groups, no wonder disc golf has become one of the fastest emerging activities in outdoor recreation with raising numbers of fans and players across the world.

The sport is similar to traditional golf but with baskets instead of holes and discs (frisbees) instead of balls. Most disc golf courses are built in more natural and less manmade environments than golf and for players just a disc is necessary to be able to play.


Disc golf basket

& disc


Modern disc golf started in the early 1960s in the US, after being first invented in the early 1900s in Canada.  Most disc golf courses have 9 or 18 holes, with average distances between tee (starting position of a hole) and basket of 60–120m (200–400 ft) and no shorter than 30 m (100 ft).

Course designers use trees, bushes, elevation changes, water hazards, and distance variation, along with out-of-bounds zones and mandatory flight paths to make each hole challenging and unique. Every course is different! More details can be found here.

There are around 10'000 courses in the world, but despite the growing number of fans and disc golf demand globally, only three countries account for 85% of all disc golf courses worldwide: the United States (75%), Finland (7%) and Canada (3%).

For example. France. Germany, Switzerland and Austria together account for only around 250 courses, with most of them located in Germany. In Switzerland in a radio of 100 km from Basel, there are only around 10 courses available, with around half on them on the German side and most of them located in public parks which need to be "shared" with pedestrians, joggers and other facility users. Of course pofessional course designers consider safety a critical factor in course design, and are careful to minimize the danger of being hit by a flying disc, but still finding a course fully dedicated to disc golf is very rare, especially in Switzerland.

If you want to know more, you can get a great overview of all courses on U-DISC.

If you are new to disc golf, I recomend to watch this video as a good introduction:

Disc golf explained


Disc golf has been one of my passions since I discovered it during a company team event in Austria followed by a roadtrip through US where I played dozen of courses in 2015. Because of the limited number of courses in the region where I live,  I have always dreamed to have my own course where I could practice and sparkle more "disc golf fever" in Europe and especially in Switzerland.  In 2021, and thanks to the fact that my family are farmers and own quite some land, I could fulfill that dream!!


And, why Lila?  Well, the LILA course is named after our little daughter, who was born in 2020 and it is my greatest passion - even greater than discgolf :) I wanted to build a course that could grow together with her and with the disc golf scene in the region, offering a new and different recreation activity in around 15 hectareas of private land. There, we offer a full course with 18 baskets set in a challenging layout among cherry trees, fields and forest but fully dedicated to disc golf. The course is open for anyone who wants to try it - for beginners there is a shorter version available - either individually or in a group. For large groups over 10 people we can offer customized offer packages including equipment, introduction and guidance, accomodation and food services. All details can be found on the event tab.

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