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My name is Adam and with designing and building the Lila course I fulfilled one of my dreams.

Disc Golf is definitely one of my biggest passions. It brings together so many elements that I highly value that since the first time I tried it back in 2014, I was completely hooked! Spending time outdoors while performing a competitive sport, meeting old and new friends, continously challenge yourself without demanding requirements (e.g. gear, weather or physical condition) makes Disc Golf such an amazing sport and definitely one of my favorite ways of spending my free time!

On the other hand, I was lucky enough to grow up in the farm owned by my parents, where I could explore and play around all the beautiful sorroundings that their land has to offer. It was indeed, my private playground where I climbed every tree, walked every inch and moved every stone. These landscapes bring fantastic memories, and with the Lila course, it will remain my playground also as an adult :) I could never thank my parents enough to allow me to fulfill this dream!

The first thoughts of building my own Disc Golf course were born already after my return from a world trip in 2015 where I played dozens of courses across the US & Finland. In 2017, me and a friend started to discuss possible layout options in the land owned by my family. However, it took almost another 5 years till I set the project as a true priority and I kicked off the real work in late 2021.

And wow, that was an effort. First, all the forest area - especially the ground - had to be cleared out of spiky bushes, fallen trees and tons of undergrowth. It was so dense, that at times I wished i would have had a machete! Then, we set up the tee locations that had to be leveled and fixed with a carpet, and in some rocky areas it was really challenging. Last but not least, we placed the baskets which were largely donated by the "Voodoo Warriors" from Zurich and the "Merry Chains" from Basel (thanks again!). And it was ready to play!

Hence, in March 2022 the first tournament took place on the initial layout – it was the first Lila Open! 62 players coming from 6 different countries joined us for the official opening in a weekend of disc golf and fun.

And, why Lila? The name is a tribute to my little daughter which was just one year old at the time. My hope is to keep the tournament and the local disc golf scene growing together with her.

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