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The section where you hopefuly find all the infos you need. If not just let me know!

Please contact me through the booking section on this web or per mail, sms, WhatsApp or call. For bigger groups or events, please do let me know at least 2 weeks in advance so we can prepare accordingly.

There is space available for parking - free of cost - at the "TCS" car park (type in Google Maps: Discs Golf Lila’s course), 700 m away from the course.

Please note that it is not allowed to park directly at the course.


The price is 5.- per day & per person. The easiest way is through TWINT on 078 405 14 62 with your name. Alternatively you can send it on PayPal or Revolut to @maradonali.


Please check the Directions tab.


If you want to play but you do not have discs, no problem at all!. We can provide you with a basic set in Hofstetten (for a small deposit) and we have new discs for sale as well.

The course is built in a beautiful landscape with hills and forest patches. Therefore, we recommend to come along with appropriate gear (especially good footwear, ideally waterproof in winter/spring).


In general, everyone can play discgolf and come along to the course - including children - but for a complete round we would recommend to start with around 7 years of age. There is no limit age to play, in fact the world championships has a division for people aged 70 and over!


A group of 4 adults should allow 2.5 hours to play the 18 holes. If the group is larger than 4 or with many beginners it can take considerably longer, but remember we have shorter versions of the course with 9 or 13 holes.


The holes vary in distance. The shortest hole is Nr.3 "Jungfrau", with just over 50m distance from tee to basket but with the basket aproximately 20m higher than the tee - it is quite steep! There are a couple of holes with around 160m of distance between the tee and the basket. All 18 holes together account for around 1800m and the whole course is around 3.5 km to walk.


Beginners are very welcome! As said, I really want to sparkle discgolf fever in the region! Professional players and veterans are of course as well welcome.


Because of its farming use, on the course itself you won't find any built facilties. For this reason, we kindly ask visitors and guests to keep the course clean of trash - including paper etc. There are two garbage bins along the course (Tee 6 & 14). For large events (e.g. corporate, team, family events) we can provide mobile toilets, tents, refreshments, etc.


Both can be arranged by request, especially with bigger groups and for team events.


Four-legged friends are very welcome on the course - as long as they keep the course clean ;) In fact, Kurtie - our Dachshund - is a regular at the course :)

The course Layout is on the "layout" tab on this webpage and gps based on U-DISC (app).
Tee signs with specific details (e.g. distance, name, rules) are available for every hole.

Scoring of the results can be tracked and recorded on U-DISC (app) or on this printable Scorecard.

RV parking:

It is limited but with some spaces available for a donation around 2km from the course. Please send your requests directly to the given email.


Jugendherberge Mariastein is the closest accomodation with direct views to the course.

Klosterhotel Kreuz is a beautiful hotel in a monastery around 2km away.

For delicious foods and drinks with an amazing view - including Basel city and Alsace - we recommend the restaurant Bergmatten. For team/corporate/family events we can also arrange catering on the farm.


Your honest feedback is very important to us, as it really helps us to improve everyone's experience on the course. If there is something you don't like or you think it can be improved, please do tell us directly. Don't be shy! And if there is something you really like, tell us and also, tell your friends :) We are obviously very thankful and happy about positive ratings on Google and U-Disc and about being recommended further among your networks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Best wishes and see you soon!

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